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Space Warp [Steam Gift/RU+CIS]

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Space Warp is a 2D arcade game where you move the earth to a safe place by warping the space around. However, on the way you have to overcome many obstacles affecting game mechanics, e.g. force fields, black holes or different zones.

It´s a highly competitive game where patience, skills and perfect timing is the key to beat your friends or improve your previous record.
All game replays are stored in the cloud, so you can easily check and compare your game with your friends’ at any time. You can play against ghosts of your previous attempts to learn from your own mistakes.

When you need a bit of relax you can extend your knowledge about our planet, solar system and the whole universe.

60 levels, 60 fps
8 different zones affecting game mechanics
force fields, black holes and other object affecting gameplay
leaderboards and achievements
online hosted replays
educational information about our universe
Xbox gamepad support

Цена: 19.99 руб.

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Купить или узнать подробнее