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Iron Sky: Invasion DLC Meteorblitzkrieg (Steam) @ RU

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Iron Sky: Invasion DLC Meteorblitzkrieg (Steam key) @ RU

Downloadable Content
This content requires the base game Iron Sky: Invasion on Steam in order to play.

New ships, weapons and a brand new alliance are the hallmarks of this Add-on to Iron Sky Invasion. The Reichsflughscheibe awaits, floating in the darkness of space…and you are at the helm.

For the first time, Meteorblitzkrieg allows players to take control of the diabolical Moon Nazis. The mission? Protect a fleet of space Zeppelins as the combined might of earth swarms in like a plague. Only a true master of space combat can stand a chance in this all-out space brawl.
New models and weapon systems
The dreaded Reichsflugscheiben
Play as an evil moon Nazi

Цена: 49 руб.

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